Who's Who?

Revd Chris Richardson


Chris heads our ministry team at St Martin's. Married to Abbie, he moved to join us in September 2019 with his two children, James and Kate. He'd be very pleased to meet you and will always give you a very big smile!

Email: vicarstmartinscamberley@gmail.com

Phone: 075843 08877

Kim Murray

Associate Vicar

Kim re-joined St Martin’s in 2018 from St Michael’s Camberley. Her main focus is outreach in the community so please say, 'Hello!' if you see her out and about.

Email: revkimstmartinscamberley@gmail.com

Caroline Blake

Licensed Lay Minister

Caroline heads up our Pastoral Team and is also a valued member of our Ministry Team. She would love to meet you and have a chat.

Email: carolinebstmartinscamberley@gmail.com

Revd Julie Couchman-Boor


Julie is married to Dave and has one son Ed. Her passion is for people to reach their full potential and to give them support as they do that. Julie loves joy filled worship, hearing testimonies of how God has worked, and we are treated to lots of testimonies at St Martin's!

Email: revdjuliestmartinscamberley@gmail.com

Emma Clark

Parish Admin.

Em looks after the office for us alongside exercising her many gifts at St Martin's!

Email: office@stmartinolddean.com

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