A more welcoming, accessible, and flexible community space

Our vision is to create a more welcoming, accessible, and flexible community space.

Old Dean lacks a community centre and we will provide a more welcoming, accessible, and flexible community space where we can build community through outreach, support and advisory services. This will be in addition to everything we currently offer to love, support and care for our community.

We have experienced substantial growth in the last couple of years both in numbers and interaction from different organisations and individuals who wish to use our building and services. This poses significant challenges because the building is no longer able to sustain demand. We need a more flexible community space which addresses the following needs:

  • more meeting rooms for the many different groups who want to use our space to build friendship and community
  • a more welcoming and attractive church entrance with an easily accessible office and welcome area
  • appropriate, attractive and inclusive toilet facilities
  • clean, uncluttered, and attractive spaces with appropriate storage through the building
  • a bigger meeting space because of growth 
  • a bigger kitchen because of growth
  • all of the above being easily accessible and environmentally-friendly.
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